Cross Sectioning

Cross Sectioning:

The mechanical cross sectioning is usually a process to expose a plane of interest in a uniform specimen such as IC, PCBA, LED, Metal, Glass… for further inspection.   The process consists of diamond sawing, grinding, polishing and staining the sample until the plane of interest is ready for optical or scanning electron microscopy inspection.
Dual Beam FIB (Focus Ion Beam):
The FIB method is effective for cross section specimen preparation of micro area and thin film specimen preparation, however, it is not effective for preparation of a wide surface area of a specimen.  FIB is mainly used to create very precise cross sections of a sample for subsequent imaging via SEM, STEM or TEM or to perform circuit modification.
Argon Ion Beam Cross Section Polisher (CP):
The CP is chiefly used on a specimen with different material hardness, void or softness… The cross section plane can be larger than FIB plane.  The specimen size is much smaller than mechanical preparation.   Maximum size of the specimen is 11(W) 10mm(D) 2mm(H).