dye and pry analysis

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Dye and Pry, Dye and Pull, Dye Staining, or Dye Penetrant is a destructive analysis used on surface mount electronic components to inspect solder joint integrity.

dye and pry failure analysis procedure

The procedure submerges the sample in a specialized fluorescent red, blue or green dye. The sample is then placed in a vacuum or high-pressure chamber to allow the dye to flow underneath the component and into any cracks, separations, or defects. The sample is baked in an oven until fully dried to prevent smearing during prying. The sample is mechanically separated from the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and inspected under a 3D Optical Microscope for the presence of dye in the cracks, defects, and open circuits. The failure sites are photographed and documented.

IC Failure Analysis Lab uses Dye and Pry analysis to detect several failure modes such as pad crating, solder joint fracture, lifting of pads from the PCB, black pads on PCBs with electroless nickel immersion gold (ENIG) surface finishes, and many more.